VW Shuttle Rear Heater Conversion

I have modified the rear HVAC unit in my Shuttle to accept standard Hot Air ducting. I removed the plastic panels to replace them with plywood and therefore lost the use of the vents. I wanted to reinstate this functionality and give myself the option of positioning the outlets in a more convenient location.

I have put one vent in the sidewall, and currently kept the OEM roof vents, but will replace them when I get a pop-top fitted.

Conversion Kit

Now available to order through my Store.

The parts supplied are been printed in a rigid plastic. By its very nature, rigid plastic cannot be ‘airtight’. You will see that not even VW can achieve this because they have utilised a foam on one outlet and a rubber seal on the other. The new plate has a bead of silicon sealant. To improve the seal where the duct meets the parts in the kit, I have found aluminium tape perfect for the job

The two outlets on the top of the heater are completely different sizes and shapes, so I supply some clips to secure the Left Plate, but you will need to use 2 small screws to secure the Right Plate.

Prior to beginning installation, you should have removed any trim/boxing so that your HVAC unit is exposed, and you have clear access to the 2 outlets on the top of the unit. You should remove the lightweight foam style OEM duct the connects the unit to the ceiling vents.

… the rest is covered in detail in the parts I can supply.

Simply tell me what size ducting you wish to use and I will size the kit accordingly. I can accommodate anything from 24mm ID to 79 mm ID.

Some example ducting listings used by previous customers;

  1. ebay.co.uk/Aluminum-Foil-Air-Inlet-Pipe-Car-Accessories-Parking-Warm-Heater-Duct-Insulated
  2. ebay.co.uk/Classic-Style-Paper-Covered-Aluminium-Ducting-40mm-I-D
  3. Truma 65mm OD (this is what is shown in the images above).
Becky Thornton
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