Hello World!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu

The awkward ‘first’ post… there has to be a first… so this is mine!

I have often thought about ‘blogging’. Sometimes I feel like I have something to say, and nowhere to say it.

Then I convince myself that no-one would want to listen anyway… but then I think that just saying it doesn’t always mean anyone has to listen…

So, because talking to oneself tends to garner funny looks, especially in public… what better way to say things to people who aren’t listening than to start a blog. On the internet. In public… 🧐 


In addition, there are those times when I need or want to share information and having an online platform with which to do that seems the obvious choice thanks to the inherent ease of sharing.

I have had this website for a couple of years now; it started life as a professional portfolio to showcase what is a pretty unusual combination of skills and experience across my IT career, my hobbies around making, and my side hustle as a voiceover artist

Long story short…I have decided to start blogging; expect to see a combination of ramblings, thinking out loud, knowledge sharing, and all manner of fun across the variety of topics that I’m interested in. You can rely on the themes of my VW conversion, cycling, multi-material making, and the odd technical post too. I hope you enjoy the ride (feedback welcome; be kind!)

Becky Thornton