3D Printing Large Objects (Pt1)

I have mostly printed small functional parts and tools for my leather crafting on my 3D Printer so far. However, I have started a project recently to print a 250mm diameter VW Logo. This is far too big for my print bed and so I have had to ‘chop’ the design into smaller parts. It took me a while to work out how to do this, and really challenged me… mostly my mathematical ability to keep track of the 60` rotations!

An Ode To Sugru

I have been a massive fan of Sugru for years. It has so many uses. I’ll be adding some more projects in my portfolio which will make use of Sugru in the next few weeks… but what is it?

Typically, when joining one thing to another, the methods for doing that can be split into 2 broad categories; Mechanical or Chemical. Is there a material out there that exhibits the properties of glue, yet can be shaped to exhibit the properties of a screw or a rivet?

Hello World!

Long story short…I have decided to start blogging; expect to see a combination of ramblings, thinking out loud, knowledge sharing, and all manner of fun across the variety of topics that I’m interested in. You can rely on the themes of my VW conversion, cycling, multi-material making, and the odd technical post too.

Becky Thornton