Gill Smith, Head of Science

Becky has a highly professional manner and supported all staff with good grace and a cheerful smile, even when under severe pressure. She has the ability to communicate technical things in a way that normal people can understand, being able to home in on the salient points rather than being bogged down in technicalities.

David Eedle, Co-Founder and CTO at EdSmart

Becky’s attention to detail, diligence, professional approach and good humour have made all the difference. She created new processes to improve the exchange of information, and ensured those systems were adhered to – super important when all the participants are working remotely and across time-zones.

Digby Carrington-Howell, Deputy Head Princethorpe College

Becky presented herself as extremely knowledgeable and very efficient at updating our procedures and processes in the best interests of our pupils.  Whilst her technical ability is without question, her inter personal skills are also very impressive. I have had many staff coming to me and providing compliments at how easy and how much better IT had become under Becky’s leadership. Becky also provided a reassuring presence for pupils responding quickly and sympathetically to their needs.

Mr Frank Gahan, Retired Teacher/Head of Technology & Lead Invigilator

Becky has assisted me throughout the academic years 2016 – 2018 in my role as a Lead invigilator. Becky has produced bespoke display material for a large examination hall encompassing specific subject examination timing, digital and analogue displays. In addition she has resolved numerous ICT user issues for me as an individual at an educational place of work.

Steve Baines, Commercial Manager & DPO

Becky has been absolutely excellent in her role as an Implementation Consultant at Groupcall and her efforts have made certain that the clients are always extremely pleased with the implementations and also with the excellent after care service provided.

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