Woodburning Stove

My family and I love being outdoors, but living in the UK it’s often cold and so would invariably find ourselves around some kind of fire pit or the like. Fire-pits are messy, cumbersome and lead to a face full of smoke for one or all of the people trying to keep warm! On one such occasion, after getting pretty cold and somewhat unable to breathe, let alone talk to friends I decided to do something about it.

Having seen several examples of stoves made from old gas bottles I knew where to start.

The main requirement was to avoid the smoke so a chimney was the starting point. I also wanted it to be portable and not cost too much.

I had an old 4.5kg butane bottle that I carefully emptied of gas and filled with water (and shut my eyes whilst making the sparks from the first cut!).

I chose to orient it on it’s side, cut open a door, weld on some legs and a hot plate and install an adjustable air flow vent.

Having done some research in to efficiency measures I used the curved section from the hot plate as a baffle, welded inside under the chimney.

I welded on a section of steel tube as the base of the chimney to which I can press fit the main chimney sections that break down for transport.

The build was great fun and we use it often for socialising, camping and cooking. It works fantastically as some heat goes up the chimney thus emanating outwards to warm people more, especially if standing around chatting. Everyone enjoys the freedom to stay outside late and socialise without a face full of smoke.

I would like to make a bigger one some day too for use at home where portability is not required.

Becky Thornton
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