VW Shuttle Rear Heater Conversion

I have modified the rear HVAC unit in my Shuttle to accept standard Hot Air ducting. I removed the plastic panels to replace them with plywood and therefore lost the use of the vents. I wanted to reinstate this functionality and give myself the option of positioning the outlets in a more convenient location.

I have put one vent in the sidewall, and currently kept the OEM roof vents, but will replace them when I get pop-top fitted.

Conversion Kit

Now available to order through my Etsy Store.

The parts supplied are been printed in a rigid plastic. By its very nature, rigid plastic cannot be ‘airtight’. You will see that not even VW can achieve this because they have utilised a foam on one outlet and a rubber seal on the other. The new plate has a bead of silicon sealant. To improve the seal where the duct meets the parts in the kit, I have found aluminium tape perfect for the job

The two outlets on the top of the heater are completely different sizes and shapes, so I supply some clips to secure the Left Plate, but you will need to use 2 small screws to secure the Right Plate.

Prior to beginning installation, you should have removed any plastic trim so that your HVAC unit is exposed, and you have clear access to the 2 outlets on the top of the unit. You should remove the lightweight foam style OEM duct the connects the unit to the ceiling vents.

… the rest is covered in detail in the parts I can supply.

Simply tell me what size ducting you wish to use and I will size the kit accordingly. I can accommodate anything from 24mm ID to 79 mm ID.

Some example ducting listings used by previous customers;

  1. ebay.co.uk/Aluminum-Foil-Air-Inlet-Pipe-Car-Accessories-Parking-Warm-Heater-Duct-Insulated
  2. ebay.co.uk/Classic-Style-Paper-Covered-Aluminium-Ducting-40mm-I-D
  3. Truma 65mm OD (this is what is shown in the images above).
Becky Thornton
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