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A committed, proactive & ambitious employee who enjoys being challenged whilst contributing to business success, with a strong focus on technology & its intersection with user experience in a creative style.

Using experience working with users across a variety of industries to deliver quality software at speed.

Excellent interpersonal skills & total commitment to quality customer care.

Used to working in a pressurised, fast-moving environment & skilled in dealing with customers & fellow colleagues at all levels, ensuring a conscientious & professional manner is portrayed at all times.


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Becky is a fun, hard-working, creative and tenacious person who always goes out of her way to offer help when required. Great team member!

Nicki Walker, Marketing Manager

In my time working with Becky, she was approachable, easy to talk to and took time to understand and think through challenges and issues that customers and the business faced, going above and beyond to deliver meaningful results for customers.

William Horley BSc MCIM, Director of Marketing

Even under extreme pressure Becky remained calm and worked methodically towards solving IT problems and explained in straightforward terms what was happening.

Ruth Hedderwick, PA to Deputy Head

Becky’s attention to detail, diligence, professional approach and good humour have made all the difference. She created new processes to improve the exchange of information, and ensured those systems were adhered to – super important when all the participants are working remotely and across time-zones.

David Eedle, Co-Founder and CTO at EdSmart


As a proud dyslexic, I am able to use the strengths of dyslexic thinking to bring a unique perspective to my professional life. A report commissioned by Made by Dyslexia showcases in depth how neurodiversity will become increasingly valuable within the working world,highlighting key facts and research...

into dyslexia and the unique thinking skills that accompany the “Value of Dyslexia“. The report outlines the cognitive flexibility, creativity, visualisation and complex problem-solving abilities dyslexic people have and why dyslexia’s role is crucial for our future. GCHQ has recently made the news by proactively seeking dyslexic staff.

4 out of 5 dyslexics attribute Dyslexic Thinking to their success. In fact, Dyslexic Thinking has created some of the worlds greatest inventions, brands and art.

I’d love to talk about how my often unique view of the world can benefit your organisation.

Summary of Professional Roles

To find out more about the roles listed below, as well as see recommendations from colleagues and clients, please

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer – telent Technology Services Ltd

Within the Telent Transport business, the software group develops key applications for use by customers, across 4 sub-teams, each with responsibility for different applications & technologies across Road, Rail, & Internal toolsets.

My initial role was in a sub-team that work on R&D projects, developing proof of concepts that become the basis of software products; essentially, everything they do is greenfield. More

In that role I was responsible for;

  • The quality of the delivered software.
  • The development & maintenance of end-to-end UI & API tests, including automated tests (using Protractor & POSTman/newman).
  • Setting up & maintaining a fully automated regression suite that ran nightly and on build/release triggers in Azure DevOps.
  • Ensuring certain road industry requirements & specifications are met and adhered to.
  • Being the gatekeeper for repositories & releases (facilitated with the DevOps engineer).

My current role is in a Rail sub-team that develop a market-leading Station Management platform that integrates hardware (including CCTV, door/escalator controls & alarms, & PA/Signage systems) into an easy-to-use UI and alarm aggregation platform. I am working closely with the Head of Digital Portfolio to define “What Good Looks Like” across the entire software function at Telent, using this team as a blueprint to drive organisational change and improve quality overall throughout the SDLC. We are re-writing a backlog of monolithic manual tests stored as Excel spreadsheets and transforming them into more manageable smaller tests in DevOps with the end goal of automating (where possible) those tests. UI testing is being done in the Jest framework. I am working across the product lifecycle to ensure good quality requirements are input upfront that ultimately will lead to good quality output at the end of development.

I am also undertaking some Scrum Master responsibility to coach the team on Agile working as this is new to them.

Automation Tester / Release Manager –  The Contact Group

Reporting initially to the Development Manager and then directly to the Chief Technology Officer my role is to build the testing department from a fledgling team of 3 to a fully agile group working alongside the development team to deliver Continuous Improvement through the implementation of Test Management best practices and appropriate automation tools such as Katalon Studio. More

Working across the suite of Contact Group products, including Looked After Call, Call Parents, Our Schools App and Data Extractor, in both UI and API testing, my role is best summarised as “To break our software before our customers do”. I also work with senior managers and the Scrum Master in a Product Ownership Role.

Foundation Deputy ICT Manager / IT Service Desk Manager – The Princethorpe Foundation

Reporting directly to the Foundation ICT Manager, based principally at Princethorpe College with duties in all three schools of The Princethorpe Foundation. More

Managing a team of 3 technicians supporting a user base of over 1200 pupils and 300 staff.

Working closely with the Infrastructure Team to ensure consistency of delivery and user experience.

Release Manager and Implementation Consultant – Groupcall Ltd

Responsible for managing product releases (following an Agile process) throughout development from customer informed feature requests, bug logging & prioritisation to full internal & external communication. More

Administration of iTunes, Google, Windows & Amazon app portals including the writing of descriptions and creation of images as well as having the technical know-how to perform the tasks associated with each and utilise Developer support channels.

Senior Technician –  Warwickshire County Council / Barr’s Hill School & Community College

Project work on a high profile new school building to ensure the successful implementation of new ICT systems to staff and taking a lead on troubleshooting and problem resolution and associated development requirements. More

Support of the school’s ICT suites, Classroom PC’s and associated technologies, providing technical support on the software and hardware as well as associated infrastructure.

Survey Director Project Manager – Kantar Operations

Managing a piece of software that revolutionised the use of online respondents. More

Innovation came from ensuring consistent market research across a range of surveys to revolutionise the way market research is conducted in the UK for large corporations such as Millward Brown, Research International and BMRB.

Business Development Manager – Verilocation Ltd

Working on behalf of a number of clients to assess the available solutions in the emerging technologies associated with Digital Pens and mobile workforce data capture by meeting with several suppliers. More

Examples of client requirements include; streamlining the quotation and order process by combining simple data capture methods with GPS based location data; improving the reliability of teams of assessors delivering practical examinations for land based training (chainsaws, agricultural machinery etc) with a modern solution; combination of GPS location based data with RFID sensors to a company that specialised in scientific data collection and monitoring (such as temperature information to provide an audit trail to demonstrate that samples were kept at the required temperature all the way from the collection location to the laboratory).

Business Development Manager – RedPC Ltd

Covering Central England, East Anglia and Wales selling the HTi (Home Training Initiative) to businesses as an employee benefit as well as selling computers and training delivered through the HTi direct to employees through on-site road shows and demonstrations. More

Required knowledge of computing, employee benefits and tax law as well as the self-driven approach required to be a successful field sales person, generating leads and winning B2B business.




Office Design

When I was appointed the Deputy Manager of an IT Department serving a Secondary School, Sixth Form College and 2 Primary Schools, the department was set to grow from 2 people to 6 and so a new office was required to accommodate us all. The school building was originally constructed as a Benedictine Convent and…


Using experience gained over my whole professional career I am able to offer a range of technical consultancy services to businesses of every size in a variety of fields. Please get in touch to discuss how I may be able to help you.


Becky Thornton
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